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    Every day the chefs at Hapa Sushi Japanese Cuisine prepare Asian food made from scratch for the residents of American Fork, UT.
    Our aim is to not only serve the freshest ingredients, but also to make sure the quality of each creation is consistent with authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisine.
    Join our chefs at the sushi bar or dine at a table and experience Asian fusion you've never tasted before. Ask about our Omakase menu, with options specially selected by our chefs!
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Sushi Restaurant

At Hapa Sushi Japanese Cuisine, we invite you to ask and learn anything you want about the most famous items in our menu--our delectable sushi! Besides using our freshest fish to create traditional sushi and sashimi, our chefs have crafted plenty of fusion sashimi dishes. Your choice in a high-end Sushi restaurant should offer Omakase dining options and customize a meal meant for you and only you.


Of all the types of sushi that chefs train decades to make properly, Nigiri is one of the most classic and traditional. The chefs at Hapa Sushi Japanese Cuisine know that technique means everything. Without it, your meal will fall apart on its way to your mouth. Our chefs pair flavors delicately by perfectly seasoning sushi rice and picking only the freshest fish.

Chinese noodles
Chinese Food

As much passion as we put into our authentic Japanese cuisines, we put as much, if not more, into our authentic Chinese cuisines. We serve some of the finest and most authentic dishes of China, passed down through countless generations! You may have had Kung Pao Chicken or spring rolls before, but it's nothing compared to what we serve to the residents of American Fork, UT.

Lunch Special

If you're looking for a quick bite to eat on your lunch break, but don't like the idea of "fast food", drop by Hapa Sushi Japanese Cuisine for some delicious Asian fusion. Whether you're in the mood for Chinese or Japanese food, we can make your day or late night special. Call (385) 248-0404 for more information on our daily lunch special.

Takeout chinese
Japanese & Chinese Takeout

Put your grocery list aside and save yourself the hassle of cooking by ordering some delicious Japanese takeout from Hapa Sushi Japanese Cuisine. Enjoy Japanese food that tastes like it was freshly prepared in your very own kitchen. If you're in the mood for Chinese food, we also provide Chinese takeout. With each order, you will taste the authenticity in each of our meals.



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